The European Forest Information Network (EFINET)
Project period: 10/2021 until 09/2022
Funding source: European Forest Institute
Funding amount: 200,000 Euro
Role: PI

Risk assessment of Bavarian Mountain forests
Project period: 04/2021 until 03/2024
Funding source: Bavarian State Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Forest
Funding amount: 250,000 Euro
Role: PI

Resilient forest value chains – enhancing resilience through natural and socio-economic responses (RESONATE)
Project period: 04/2021 until 03/2024
Funding source: European Commission through the H2020 program
Funding amount: 360,000 Euro
Role: Task-leader

A pan-European forest mortality assessment using long satellite records
Project period: 03/2019 until 02/2021
Funding source: Austrian Science Fund (FWF) through a Lise-Meitner incoming postdoc grant
Funding amount: 160,000 Euro
Role: PI
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Reconstructing Central European forest disturbance dynamics using Landsat
Project period: 11/2016 until 04/2018
Funding source: German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) through a Postdoctoral Researcher International Mobility Experience (PRIME) grant
Funding amount: 130,000 Euro
Role: PI
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Spatial patterns and drivers of western spruce budworm defoliation in British Columbia
Project period: 07/2013 until 07/2016
Funding source: Federal State of Berlin through a Elsa-Neumann PhD scholarship
Funding amount: 30,000 Euro
Role: PI
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