I am a research scientist working at the Ecosystem Dynamics and Forest Management Group of Technical University of Munich, Germany. I am trained as a geographer with a specialization in remote sensing, but I identify myself as a remote sensing ecologist. My research focusses on understanding the dynamics of forest ecosystems using remotely sensed data, with a particular focus on forest disturbance and recovery.

I have strong experience in using Landsat for mapping forest disturbances (see here,  here and here). I moreover have ample experience in combining satellite and climate data to explore the climate sensitivity of forest disturbances (see here, here and here). My more recent work focusses on understanding the dynamics and drivers of forest recovery (see here and here). Finally, I do some work on the intersection of remote sensing and biodiversity/conservation research (see here and here).

My free-time is mainly occupied by hiking, climbing, cycling and skiing, which I try to document here. I also very much enjoy Jazz music, going to the cinema, cooking and a good bottle of wine after spending the day outside.