I am a postdoc currently working at Humboldt-University of Berlin.

My field of research is the intersection of landscape ecology and remote sensing science. I am particulary interested in understand the dynamics of forest ecosystems, that is how and why forests change through space and time. As trees are long-living organisms, I make intensive use of long satellite time series, and much of my research circles around integrating those satellite time series with additional environmental data (e.g., meteorological observations) using statistical models. That way, I hope to facilitate our understanding of the complex dynamics of forest ecosystems and their underlying drivers at temporal and spatial scales difficult to tackle with other data sources.

Besides research, I am a big fan of developing statistical tools in the programming language R. I also teach statistical modeling to under-graduate and graduate students, as well as I offer support to other researchers aiming at using more complex (Bayesian) statistical models.

My free-time is mainly occupied by climbing, hiking, or skiing, which I try to document here. I also enjoy cooking and a good bottle of wine after spending the day outside.